Worm screw oil press


Worm screw oil press by PRESOIL is a specialized equipment, used for hot or cold pressing of crops with a high content of oil. It is possible to apply different single or double pressing schemes. The temperature of raw materials, charged into the press, should not exceed 50°C and humidity of 5-6%.

PRESOIL pressing equipment can be applied with various methods of pressing and used for pressing different types of crops.

Worm screw oil press by PRESOIL is used for production of eatable oil; besides of that, manufactured product can be used for making fodder for farm animals.

An important aspect of mentioned press equipment is the security. Press can be used in day-and-night working mode during 6-10 months. Another outstanding advantage of PRESOIL press, distinguishing it among the analogues, is inability of small foreign object up to 2 cm that had got into the equipment, to affect the machine’s work.


Industrial oil press – for press model row:
Working capacity from 200 kg to 200 tons per day

| Name | | Capacity, tons/day | Dimensions, mm | Weight, kg | Engine,kW
Oil press MP500 15 1200*2400*1600 2400 15
Oil press MP700 18 1200*2400*1600 2500 15-18
Oil press MP1000 25 1400*4200*1600 3800 22
Oil press MP1500 40 1400*4500*1600 4200 30
Oil press MP2000 50 1400*4700*1800 5000 30
Oil press MP3000 75 1600*5300*1800 6700 37-45
Oil press MP4000 100 1800*5900*2000 8000 45-55



Industrial oil press – expeller model row:
Working capacity from 200 kg to 22 tons per day

| Name | | Capacity, tons/day | Dimensions, mm | Weight, kg | Engine, kW
Oil press MP500 10 1200*2400*1600 2400 11
Oil press MP700 12 1400*4200*1600 2500 15
Oil press MP1000 18 1400*4200*1600 5500 15
Oil press MP1500 22 1600*5300*1800 6300 30



Working capacities of PRESOIL presses are adapted to different oil-containing crops. At the same time, energy consumption of equipment is significantly low. As example, we can give following showings: at capacity of 2 tons per hour, depending of the type of a crop, power consumption consists from 18,5 to 20 kW.

Equipment construction for hot and cold pressing is different. For example, the press for rapeseeds is basically different from the one, intended for sunflower seeds. The press for sunflower seeds cannot provide best results for rapeseeds, as the oil yield will be too small.

Units of the oil press:
– drive
– remote control;
– worm single-screw machine;
– tray collector;
– engine;
– cage with a screw kit;
– frame.

The technology,
used by PRESOIL presses, allows to get the oil yields up to 45-50% of raw
material. At the same tome, there are types of crops, for example, soya, that can be reprocessed by single pressing. Applied technology depends of the raw

material. The bigger the oil yield, the more complicated technology is involved.

Before the beginning of the pressing process, raw material should be thoroughly purified from foreign admixtures and metal impurities.

The basic principle of PRESOIL – an individual approach to every customer and his needs.

The delivery of all equipment is available throughout Poland and other countries on request.


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