Processing of grain and bean cultures for usage in feed stuff


The screw oil press by PRESOIL is used for pressing of oil and oil cake for the primary, secondary or third pressing. The machine could be used in manufacturing as followed:

– preliminary squeezing for cold or heat pressing of oil-containing crops and oil cake;
– expeller for secondary pressing.

PRESOIL has a ten-year experience in producing oil presses. Our presses are suitable for reprocessing of any oil-containing crops. The working capacity of PRESOIL machines is equal to the most expensive of any known analogues. At the same time, we are ready to offer fair and competitive prices for our equipment. Due to carefully elaborated construction and contemporary technologies, the parts that have to be repaired, can be replaced without the extruder’s body dismantling. Another extremely important aspect of equipment’s developing is the efficiency, which could reach up to 2 tons of seeds per hour. For the low-tonnage manufactures we are ready to offer machines able to reprocess up to 200 tons per hour. All PRESOIL presses provide high yield of oil at squeezing. There is no need in any additional equipment to obtain the final product. And, of course, the thing could not be discussed in any circumstances, is a great attention and respect to each customer. Any order can be adapted to your individual needs.


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